Anarky anarky at rdslink.ro
Wed Aug 27 17:35:32 EDT 2003

    hi, I'm totally new to openbox. Hi everybody. I wanted to give 
OpenBox a try today .. but it seems I would have to remove my current 
window manager first (blackbox) .. and I don't want to jump into 
anything like this without a parachute. I'd have a couple of questions:
    well, the main reason that I'm seeking alternative options to 
blackbox is because I'd love a 'open in workspace' feature for certain 
programs, and bbappconf won't work for me (crashes), but also I'd love 
new features like: open in first free workspace and some old ones I've 
configured here via bbkeys liek adding custom commands & shortucts, 
being able to hide bbkeys & config in the slit ...
    well  ... hope I find out more. I've checked the screenshots ... 
seen quite a couple of new/nice options ... but is there really no way 
of trying OpenBox without giving up Blackbox? Also about the opening in 
workspace and maybe wishing for shortcuts to send an app to a certain 
workspace & stuff ..
    well, greets everybody

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