[openbox] Toolbar Support?

Mads Martin Joergensen mmj at panther.mmj.dk
Tue Aug 26 17:20:58 EDT 2003

* Scott Moynes <smoynes at nerdnest.org> [Aug 26. 2003 23:12]:
> Most of the API between the window manager and the panel is defined in
> the EWMH standards on freedesktop.org, if you are familiar with X11
> programming. Also, if you are interested in making it have the same
> look as openbox 3, take a look at the rendering library in render/ of
> the source tree. I can't vouch for it being complete or useable
> outside of openbox as I don't believe anyone has tried to write a
> serious application with it, but I believe the intent was for it to be
> used for things like panels.

You're talking this one, right?


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