[openbox] Toolbar Support?

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Tue Aug 26 17:11:44 EDT 2003

* Matt O'Connor (angagon at earthlink.net) wrote:
> Hello, I am new to Openbox and am using 3.0_alpha6.  I was wondering
> why there is no builtin toolbar support?

Because no one has written one yet. It is the developer's opinion that
a panel should be a separate application from the window manager.

> Assuming there are no options available, where is a good place to
> look for code to attempt writing my own?  (I am only looking for a
> pager, taskbar, and clock, but all of them in some form of dock or
> panel is great.)  Thanks.

Most of the API between the window manager and the panel is defined in
the EWMH standards on freedesktop.org, if you are familiar with X11
programming. Also, if you are interested in making it have the same
look as openbox 3, take a look at the rendering library in render/ of
the source tree. I can't vouch for it being complete or useable
outside of openbox as I don't believe anyone has tried to write a
serious application with it, but I believe the intent was for it to be
used for things like panels.

If you are looking for example code, fspanel is pretty small and might
make a good starting point.
Scott Moynes
"Computer science is as much about computers
as astronomy is about telescopes." -- Dijkstra

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