theme suggestion

Tomas Hellstr|m heltom at
Wed Aug 20 13:44:51 EDT 2003

  If I have understood the documentation correctly, then 'rootCommand'
have been removed from the themerc, leaving the poor theme-designer
without an easy option to set the background from 'within' the theme,
and a script or instruction on how to manually set the
background has to be included with the theme.

  Have you considered placing some sort of root command directive in
$HOME/.openbox/rc3 instead? Then the theme can specify a background file
which will be passed as an argument to the program specified in the
rc3-file. This should be much safer than the old 'rootCommand' and make
installing new themes somewhat simpler.

/Thomas Hellstroem <heltom at>
"At the very least it's perfect and complete"

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