[openbox] Help newbie (epist, bsetbg)

Marc Wilson msw at cox.net
Wed Aug 20 02:23:18 EDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 12:33:03AM +0200, Per Blomqvist wrote:
> Hello folks!
> Eeh, I just testing this window manager.
> Why was this in conflict with blackbox and fluxbox (Im Debian-testing user)?
> Why does *not* openbox handle all configurations.

Because it's not blackbox, and it isn't fluxbox.  Blackbox is the parent,
fluxbox and openbox are forks.  Forks that do different things, in
different ways, with different goals.

And quite frankly, most people don't want anything to do with the fluxbox
codebase. :)

> Why does *not* "bsetbg" make transpareny for eterm.

Because bsetbg doesn't set the pixmap atom that Eterm expects to find there
containing the pixmap.  Eterm is *dumb*, and can't figure out that it
should use parent-relative if the resource it wants isn't available.  It
just screws up instead.

Use Esetroot if you intend to use Eterm.  The bsetbg shell script can be
configured to use whatever root-pixmap-setting application you like.

> I have wmaker installed, and used wmsetbg, and make the background 
> transparent!

Yes, because wmsetbg sets the proper resources on the root so that Eterm
can find the pixmap.

> Where is the propriate to place "epist", as at stratup (I read the FAQ 
> and saw where I can put the bsetbg)... ?

Load epistrophy in your .xsession/.xinitrc file, right before the
invocation of the window manager.  That'll do the trick.  Don't forget to
send it to the background.

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