[openbox] notes after using alpha5 for some time

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Tue Aug 19 09:44:58 EDT 2003

* Marcin Cylke (marcin_cylke at o2.pl) wrote:
> Hello I've been using alpha5 version since the time of its release
> and I have some feature requests.
> First thing is window placement - I mentioned that earlier, but got
> no answers. Will it be implemented?

Windows are placed, yes. The best way to change the behaviour, is to
write the code. There is a lot to be done and not many developers.

> Other thing are window decoration. Is it possible now to set windows
> attributes for not having any decorations? I'm ably to toggle this
> feature off when I run a program. But after closing it and opening
> again the decorations are still there. It would be nice to have such
> thing

This should probably be left up to the application. The EWMH
specification gives application authors the hints to set, and the
window manager will respond to them.

> And the last question is whether there will be something like slit
> in blackbox? I know that I can make a window omnipresent, but I
> would also like to place some apps in a special area - don't like to
> have those apps mess around all the workspaces :)

It is called the dock.

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