notes after using alpha5 for some time

Marcin Cylke marcin_cylke at
Tue Aug 19 09:18:17 EDT 2003

I've been using alpha5 version since the time of its release and I have
some feature requests.

First thing is window placement - I mentioned that earlier, but got no
answers. Will it be implemented? 

Other thing are window decoration. Is it possible now to set windows
attributes for not having any decorations? I'm ably to toggle this
feature off when I run a program. But after closing it and opening again
the decorations are still there. It would be nice to have such thing

And the last question is whether there will be something like slit in
blackbox? I know that I can make a window omnipresent, but I would also
like to place some apps in a special area - don't like to have those
apps mess around all the workspaces :)

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