[openbox] OB3: Menu problems (serious)

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Sun Aug 10 10:27:00 EDT 2003

Ilkka Pajari wrote:

>earlier I reported menu problems concerning randomly menu jams. No one
>couldn't confirm that, but now I have noticed that whole OB3 crashes
>when menu is opened near bottom of a desktop. My menu is quite large, so
>maybe OB3 can't handle large menus very well. I attached my rc3 -file,
>so you can test ob3 with it (test also if menu jams when rolling mouse
>over the menu). There may be some kind of typo in rc3 what causes this
>kind of behaviour, or else it's a serious bug. Ob3 won't crash if menu
>is opened in the middle of the desktop or somewhere else than near
>My system atm: 
>Gentoo1.4rc4 (gcc 3.2.2)
>Athlon XP 
>  - Ilkka Pajari
I'm just guessing here, but if you open the menu where the cursor is 
forced not to be in the top left of the menu titlebar, ie the bottom of 
the screen and release it it will open/execute whatever command the 
cursor happens to be next to, perchance this could be "exit", apparently 
this is a known bug 'twixt xor and woodblock.

My menu is about the same size as yours and i can't reproduce the mouse 
wheel thing, or have really any trouble with it, other than the afore 
mentioned, and i use menus for everything; also i am using cvs so maybe 
it is fixed?


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