[openbox] Splitting submenu into multiple columns.

Matthew Graybosch matthew at starbreaker.net
Sat Aug 9 17:43:08 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 21:31, Scott Moynes wrote:

> menu_render.c is where most of the work that will have to be done, and
> a little bit in the event handling stuff. If you are seriously
> interested, it will certainly be valuable to abstract some of that
> stuff, and I'm willing to accomodate anyone interested in
> development.

It's tempting to say, "sure, I'll do it", but I honestly don't have the
personal bandwidth to offer to do the job.

> Hrmm. Thinking about it, I think this would be a pretty common
> request and a pretty general music browsing script would be attractive.

Well, I took the liberty of attaching a script that traverses a music
directory with a genre/artist/album structure and creates one m3u
playlist for each artist. The script creates a music menu in $HOME that
follows a genre/artist scheme.

You do have to manually paste the contents of the menu file into
~/.openbox/rc3. I haven't quite grokked the fifo_menu, and would rather
paste it in manually until I do.

> I'm rambling now. Summary: there's other issues I'd rather devote time
> to (window list menu, more customization, better rendering) but I
> agree what we have now isn't perfect. :)

Fair enough. I'd fix it myself, but my skills aren't up to it and
between work, my writing, and learning the violin parts to Andrew Lloyd
Webber's "Phantom of the Opera" score so I can make my SO purr, I
honestly don't have the time.

Matthew Graybosch
"If you take a stand on a dead empty hand, 
never let 'em see your cards." --Savatage
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