[openbox] Splitting submenu into multiple columns.

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Sat Aug 9 12:40:42 EDT 2003

* Matthew Graybosch (matthew at starbreaker.net) wrote:
> I don't know if anybody else would find this useful, but would it be
> possible to configure openbox3 to split a submenu into multiple
> columns?  I use a shell script to generate playlists and a menu
> file, with a playlist and a menu item for each band I have on
> disk. I'm not even halfway through my CD collection, but my music
> menu already opens partway off-screen.

Anything is possible; it's just software. :)

But more realistically, I'm not planning on doing that and the plugin
hooks don't allow to override the menu rendering. If someone were
seriously interested in it, I think we'd be interested in accomodating
them, but currently there are more important priorities that are
holding back releases.

In the interim, I'd say make the script split your collection into
more submenus. Is that reasonable? Personally, I find menus with more
than a handful or two entries to be cumbersome to use whether they are
multi-column or not.

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