Suggestion for format of theme file

MXN mxn at
Sat Aug 2 15:41:34 EDT 2003

I don't know much about how the format of a theme file (this file is 
currently "themerc") works, but here are some suggestions based on my 
experience of hacking my own themes together.

There's a *lot* of repetition. It would make more sense to have a 
hierarchical format. Take this for example:

menu.title:		val
menu.title.color:	val
menu.title.justify:	val
menu.frame:		val

And so on. Using a hierarchy with markup style syntax (just for the sake 
of demonstration), such repetition could be neatly avoided. For example:


And so on. This is in no way a final structure in my mind: there are a 
huge number of potential formats that could be drawn from this idea. 
Importantly it would make theme files more readable and usable, and 
hence mean they would be easier to manage and modify. The enhanced 
possibilities for theming with ob3 would require a format that reflects 

I keep in mind that the ob3 devs may be considering XML for theme files, 
which may result in a structure like I've described here.


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