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Ben Jansens ben at
Fri Aug 1 02:30:54 EDT 2003

Hello all,

This is for all the themers in the house.

I have just commited some code to CVS that changes how Openbox 3 will look
for themes. At this point, I think I am forced to declare that Openbox 3
themes are not backwards compatible with blackbox, and blackbox themes are
not forward compatible with Openbox (without a little grunt work).

I have updated the documentation on the site to list all the changes from
Openbox 2 -> Openbox 3 themes. Hopefully I didn't miss anything important :)

I am still considering completely revamping the theme file format (XML or
something). I will, however, get all that stuff out of the way before I
release a Beta. Converting from a supported Xrdb theme to an XML theme
should be possible with a script.

Just thought I would keep themers posted and try generate some interest for
feedback on the Openbox theme format/engine.

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