Patch: sync nls/*/Screen.m with nls/C/Screen.m

Mike FABIAN mfabian at
Thu Apr 24 06:40:14 EDT 2003

Another similar patch. Sorry for sending so many small patches I just
fixed these translation problems when I stumbled on them while using
openbox, I didn't check all .m files systematically.  Maybe there are
errors remaining in the .m files which I didn't yet check.

This patch is against the "openbox-2_3" CVS branch.

All of the translated files in nls/*/Screen.m were out of sync
with the English version in nls/C/Screen.m.

This caused wrong messages to be displayed when moving or resizing
a window with the mouse.

I added the translations for Japanese, German, Norwegian, Danish, and
Swedish for the other languages I have just copied all missing entries
from the English nls/C/Screen.m.

I don't speak Danish and Swedish but it looked like the missing
message could be trivially recycled from another available message.
Is it OK Mads?

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