menu format bummy

Marius Nita marius at
Wed Apr 9 01:02:42 EDT 2003

this is the stuff i was toying with for a general config format. below
is the unofficial grammar, and then some examples of what it would
look like. strings and ids are pretty much the same, but strings can
have spaces in them and such, when id's can't. id's can have other
characters in them though, such as '.' and '-'. so you can still say

  Toolbar.bummy.color "blue"

if you want. '=' can also be added and made optional. sometimes it
might help readability.

  blef = "red"

as opposed to

  blef "red"

though the difference isn't huge. the cool thing is that it allows you
to be lame:

  window.title bevel2, horizontal, blef
  window.title.color "red"
  window.title.colorTo "green"
  window.title.font "tahoma"
  window.title.font.size 14

or cool:

  window {
    title {
      texture bevel2, horizontal, blef
      colors red, green
      font "tahoma", 14


config := exprs

exprs := | expr
         | exprs '\n' expr

expr := id list block
      | id list
      | id block

list := elem
      | list ',' elem

block := '{' exprs '}'

elem := id | number | string


include "blef.conf"
include "foo.conf"

Section "Keyboard" {
  mbind Titlebar, Handle, BLCorner, BRCorner, Client {
    event Press
    button Left
    action Focus

  mbind Maximize {
    event Click
    button Middle
    action ToggleMaxVert

  # ...

Style "merry" {
  name "brit technology ltd inc co"
  author "merry"

  toolbar {
    # ...

  slit {
    border 3
    texture bevel9, vertical
    colors "red", "blue"

  window {
    pixmaps {
      close    "close.xpm" 
      max      "max.png", "max_down.png"
    texture bevel3, pyramid, cyllindrical, crazy
    colors "red", "blue"


menu "the fonky of doom", fonky {         # name it fonky
  exec "Fonky Bummy", "/usr/bin/fonky -s"
  exec "hi", "/bin/hi"

menu "Main Menu" {
  exec "Xterm", "xterm"
  menu fonky                # include "fonky" submenu
  menu "Blef" {             # explicit submenu
    exec "hi", "/bin/hi"
    shutdown "Down with the system"


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