David Barr dpb at
Fri Sep 13 10:47:04 EDT 2002

in keeping with the suggestion that the gnome panel could be used for a 
window list, here are two things that the gnome panel does do that it 
shouldn't when using ob:

a:  all gnome tasklist/pagers freeze when you iconify a window they up 
date as soon as you un-hide it
b:  the panels all hide behind "gnome-desktop" when you try to empty the 
trash in nautilus.

i think i'm using current cvs ob and gnome 2.02 so they seem to be 
up-to-date-ish, i appreciate that these aren't issues of great 
importance, but it would be nice if they worked, i think. i once claimed 
that i would try to look at this but now i realise i'm in way over my 
own head.

ob seems to work well with gnome, now you can configure the mouse 
buttons and menus, so they don't clash with nautilus, if for some reason 
you wanted to use nautilus.

also on a completly different note wouldn't it be super if you could set 
bevel size per element?

that's all my nagging for now,

thank you for your time.


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