[Gtkradiant] r355 - GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant

Markus Fischer markus at fischer.name
Mon Dec 20 05:39:12 CST 2010

On 19.12.2010 04:44, svn-noreply at zerowing.idsoftware.com wrote:
> Author: rambetter
> Date: Sat Dec 18 21:44:26 2010
> New Revision: 355
> Modified:
>    GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant/gtkmisc.cpp
> Log:
> This is	a big big GTK file dialog change in Rambetter-temp-fixes branch.
> Thank you to Markus Fischer who	provided some example code on how to

Glad it was helpful, so time wasn't wasted after all :) I mean, if
anyone needs inspiration, my fork contains many more small and useful
changes, not  just big ones. E.g. saving the state of crosshair
(activate with SHIFT-X) to the prefs file, or a more radical one:
implemented the 1.5 grid of the 2D view in 1.6, I found it to be more
useful. And then there are the issues on the github page created by me
and others. And I know some folks on quake3world [1] also may be interested.

- Markus

[1] http://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=799261

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