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Sat Dec 18 21:44:26 CST 2010

Author: rambetter
Date: Sat Dec 18 21:44:26 2010
New Revision: 355

This is	a big big GTK file dialog change in Rambetter-temp-fixes branch.
Thank you to Markus Fischer who	provided some example code on how to
use the	"new" method of	GTK file dialogs.  I then did a	lot of research	into
how to shape his code into exactly what	I wanted.

This is	an incomplete change in	that I have not	cleaned	up the code such
as removing unused local variables and unused functions	yet.  However, I
wanted to commit this now because it really works beautifully (the GTK file
dialog that is).

- In CFileType,	m_pstrGTKMasks now contains string like
"quake3 maps (*.map)" instead of like "quake3 maps <*.map>".  Nobody else
is using this code except in gtkmisc.cpp so it's a safe	change.

- Removing all FILEDLG_DBG blocks in gtkmisc.cpp.  It really clutters up the
code and since it's completely overhauled, it's	OK to remove.

- Instead of the "old" way of gtk_file_selection_new(),	now using
gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() instead. 	Thx to Markus Fischer for examples.

- Actually adding GTK file dialog filters.  It works really nice!  :-)

- Now using the	same file extension logic on Windows file dialogs and GTK
file dialogs.

- Improved file	extension logic.  "No file extension specified in file to       
be saved.  Attempt to save anyways?"

Tested on Win7 and Linux.
More related changes on the way.


Modified: GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant/gtkmisc.cpp
Url: http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/viewcvs/radiant/GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant/gtkmisc.cpp?view=diff&rev=355&p1=GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant/gtkmisc.cpp&r1=354&p2=GtkRadiant/branches/Rambetter-temp-fixes/radiant/gtkmisc.cpp&r2=355

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