[Gtkradiant] Windows build issues solved

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 23:17:17 CST 2010

The problem I was having with the Windows build was that I was
building using the "Debug" target, not "Release".  Debug is the
default target.  Apparently Debug isn't working quite right (and
nobody told me this).  I spent quite a bit of time figuring this out
(and learning about Windows).  I updated my documentation to reflect
that Release should be chosen:


So if you want to test out a build of GtkRadiant from SVN you can
follow the above instructions, but before you build I'd recommend this
patch (as mentioned in a previous email) that disables the newer
libraries and uses the older stable ones (at the expense of not
rendering any OpenGL font):


Apply that against revision 344 _before_ the SCons setup target.


Now, I'm still not able to get very far in using Radiant either on
Windows XP or Windows 7, either using a 2008 test build or a fresh
build from SVN (w/ above patch applied).  The error I'm currently
stuck on is this:


this error happens right after hitting "OK" on the following screen:


It's not able to find user0.proj.  At this point, I'm just glad I got
this far and I'm going to look into this problem tomorrow.  If anyone
knows off the top of their head why this problem happens, please let
me know.  From what I understand and how this works on Linux, the file
user0.proj is created by Radiant, which places it in
~/.q3a/<gamedir>/scripts/user0.proj.  Now where it's supposed to be
created on Windows and why it isn't found I don't know yet.  Manana.


- Rambetter

P.S. I did actually compile Radiant using VC++ 2005 at one point today
and I have the process semi-documented.  However, I don't think we're
going to go that route.  Stick with VC++ 2008 I think.

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