[Gtkradiant] Progress on broken Windows GtkRadiant build

Nerius Landys nlandys at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 21:41:48 CST 2010

Hi guys.  I really want to fix the GtkRadiant build on Windows because
the broken build is keeping me from making any improvements to
Radiant.  I would very much appreciate if anyone familiar with Windows
could read this email, understand it, and help me.

Here is a short patch (it's very simple, you can read it) that will
fix the previous problem that started happening when we swapped out
DLLs a few weeks ago.


You can apply this patch directly to revision 344.

I will list the changes that this patch offers.

1. Temporarily reduce the number of game packs downloaded in SCons
"setup" target (so y'all testing this don't have to download all the
game packs, which are pretty big).

2. Use an older set of dependencies found in file GtkR-deps-1.6-3.zip
instead of using the latest GtkR-deps-1.6-4.zip.  TTimo found a copy
of this old archive and put it back up on the download site.

3. Commented out a "#include <pango/pangoft2.h>" line which was the
sole cause of needing newer DLLs.

4. Because of #3, temporarily comment out (err, disable) all OpenGL
text rendering.

Now the point of this patch is to try to get GtkRadiant to a working
state on Windows, and proceed from there.
Once again, compiling Radiant on Windows instructions are here:
http://daffy.nerius.com/radiant-compile-win/ .

Now some good news and some bad news.

First the good news.  This patch fixes the previous problem
 The previous problem was that the app would crash right after
creating the file install/games/*.game, and that file would be empty.
With this patch, this .game file is created successfully and contains
correct information.  So no more crash there.

Now the bad news.  Radiant still fails later on.  I'm able to get to
this screen: http://daffy.nerius.com/temp/radiant-select-game.png .
Right after clicking "OK", I come to an error like this one:
Complaining about missing MSVCR90.DLL.  So I copied this DLL file from
the Visual C++ Express install and placed it into Radiant's install
directory along with all the other DLLs.  If I try to launch the game
again with this new DLL in place, I'm still unable to get past the
"OK" on the select game window, and the new error looks like this:
http://daffy.nerius.com/temp/dll-hell-radiant.png .  In fact I tried
to copy additional DLLs from VC++ and still got this last error.

Now for the really bad news.  I have NEVER gotten ANY build of
GtkRadiant 1.6.x to run on Windows.  Not even the older test build
from 2008.  Have not seen it work with my own eyes.

What needs to be done to get GtkRadiant to work correctly on Windows?
I really want to fix this soon so that I can start committing code
that fixes stuff.

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