[Gtkradiant] Sorting out the Windows build

Willi willi at schinmeyer.de
Mon Dec 6 15:53:24 CST 2010

  On 06.12.2010 13:33:28, Nerius Landys <nlandys at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Since I'm using Windows, I'm going to try and build it myself, too.
> If you need any help building you can follow this:
> http://daffy.nerius.com/radiant-compile-win/
> (I'm going to commit that tutorial to the GtkRadiant SVN at some point.)
I have that opened right now but I'm looking for a simpler way. While 
I'm at it I'll try to compile GTK myself since on its website there's a 
warning regarding GTK and Visual C++ newer than 6.0. If I succeed, I'll 
tell you, though I probably won't. :-P

And may I propose changing some file-/directory names for config files 
etc.? I believe right now 1.4 and ZeroRadiant share some config files 
and I don't like that, 1.4 and 1.6 should be able to be installed at the 
same time, working independently. I'll check that once I've got it running.


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