[Gtkradiant] About the windows crash (was: Re: HOW-TO compile GtkRadiant on Windows)

Timothee BESSET ttimo at ttimo.net
Sat Dec 4 10:06:47 CST 2010

Did you compile a debug configuration and trace through? You're right, the
crash at that line doesn't make sense. It's quite likely the EC2 instances
can't quite run UrT or QL, I'll see about getting the data on there and

Beyond that I'd like us to think about how we'd like to handle testing and
bug reporting. It's been so long with no activity on Radiant that there's
really not much of a channel to interact with testers and track bugs.


On Sat, Dec 4, 2010 at 4:12 AM, Markus Fischer <markus at fischer.name> wrote:

>  On 03.12.2010 07:12, Nerius Landys wrote
> Now for the bad news.  Radiant is currently broken on Windows XP 32
> bit and on Windows 7 32 bit (these are the only Windows flavors that
> I'm able to test currently).  I reported this in a previous email, but
> to recap, I _do_ get this menu:http://daffy.nerius.com/radiant/radiant1.png and then hitting OK it
> crashes.  I never get to see this window:http://daffy.nerius.com/radiant/radiant2.png
> [Sorry for switching to HTML, I thought the inline image would be more
> descriptive]
> The crash occurs in preferences.cpp :
> On my system the full path is:
> c:/Users/mfischer/Desktop/src/radiant-rambetter/GtkRadiant/install/games/Urban
> Terror (standalone).game
> It creates the file "Urban Terror (standalone).game" and tries to write the
> XML definition into it but crashes. I've no idea why it's doing this.
> - Markus
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