[Gtkradiant] Nexuiz trouble

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Wed Oct 29 15:45:52 CDT 2008

Mihai Draghicioiu wrote:
> Yes, I know it's an example path, I was the one giving the example :P
> I set the engine path in GtkRadiant preferences (/home/mihai/Nexuiz),
> and it's ok, it finds the executable.
> My guess is the engine complains about missing data files because it's
> not run from the gamedir, but probably the GtkRadiant current
> directory. So it probably looks there... dunno... In linux, a simple
> patch can fix it so that the engine looks for data files in the
> executable's directory (the program must add `dirname `readlink
> /proc/self/exe`` (in shell backquotes... should be easy to implement
> in code) to its path -- it points to the full executable path).

I don't see how running the engine matters, I've never known Radiant to run it, it just wants to know where the basedir is :P

Nexuiz has a shell script named nexuiz-linux-sdl.sh which does what you say and passes some parameters besides that (for example choosing an X11 DISPLAY to use).

> I also figured out how to run and have it directly  load a map, just
> use +map <mapname>.
> It seems that the "+devmap" option is hard coded, not in the xml
> files... Found something in radiant/watchbsp.cpp but I'm not gonna
> edit it right now... I guess it should autodetect if the game is using
> DarkPlaces or at least if the game is 'Nexuiz'.
> Thanks :P
> Mihai

Where and why would Radiant ever run the engine?

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