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afaik the engine used for painkiller could import modeled levels... in
fact there was a tutorial on how to import a simple level... see their
website for pain editor or whatever it's called

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Pat Raynor <raynorpat at gmail.com> wrote:
> What about using Unreal 3?
> On Oct 26, 2008, at 10:48 PM, Forest Hale <lordhavoc at ghdigital.com>
> wrote:
>> I think what you're asking for is id tech 5 (Rage), there are very
>> few engines that meet the criteria you stated.
>> I'm working on one called darkwar which uses entirely modeled levels
>> but it's nowhere near usable yet (and has no editor, no sound no
>> cutscene capabilities, and very little art at this point).
>> You might look at Unity3D - the editor is Mac only, but I keep
>> hearing from indie studios that it's an amazing engine that saves
>> them immense amounts of time, and is well worth the price of Macs to
>> run it on because it saves so many hours of development.
>> I don't have information on all the various engines out there, but I
>> certainly don't hear of many that fit your criteria, even the
>> highend engines generally don't have such an easy art pipeline as you
>> describe.
>> michael j dahinten wrote:
>>> hi my name is michael!
>>> and I have been looking for a game dev. engine that is convenient,,
>>> and works with 3d studio max!,,,,,for a long time....(sheesh)
>>> We use max in school, and the only game dev app they have is a
>>> pitiful 2d game making thing called game maker. I have messed with
>>> various software things and some coding from the ground up type
>>> operations, but really we are all looking for something that would
>>> work with both max and maya possibly, and that would be a 3d engine
>>> to create games with.... Why must that be so difficult to find? I
>>> suppose its because the game development companies want to make the
>>> games,,, and not let them be made by people and amateurs and
>>> students. well this gtk radiant thing looks interesting, and we
>>> found a few others that are workable for our school now, so we will
>>> be ok to train and use what the few we have. Theres another one ,
>>> and a few more that some of us are working with called irrlicht,
>>> and then one which i don't like called FPS creater, and there is
>>> another one called dark fusion or something which is not bad. I
>>> want something that can take 3d studio max scenes into the program
>>> easil
>> y!
>>>  and effortlessly, and keep all textures where they need to be !!!
>>> I dont want to have to reassign textures.! thats crazy. also i want
>>> realistic motion, pre-built characters, and a complete way to make
>>> 3d generated fps style games. Am I asking for too much? maybe. but
>>> that's what we need at the college. Also it should work with maya,
>>> and should have capabilities for sound and all kinds of great
>>> sounds and cut scenes and all the stuff people want. I should think
>>> there would be great competition in this area?? for many companies
>>> to produce such game development products or systems, and there to
>>> be great competition with who can make a better 3d game dev
>>> program? maybe I am thinking ahead of our time!...... maybe I need
>>> to check back in 20 years..... 2028? why should It take so long? it
>>> won't, I hope. I love the 3d games "return to castle wolfenstien by
>>> ID software, and Jedi knight dark forces 2 by lucasarts, and also
>>> indiana jones and the infernal machine by lucas. thank you
>> .!
>>>  shout outs to the 3d developers out there.! thanks, best wishes,
>>> take
>>> care, michael
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