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Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Sun Oct 26 21:48:58 CDT 2008

I think what you're asking for is id tech 5 (Rage), there are very few engines that meet the criteria you stated.

I'm working on one called darkwar which uses entirely modeled levels but it's nowhere near usable yet (and has no editor, no sound no cutscene capabilities, and very little art at this point).

You might look at Unity3D - the editor is Mac only, but I keep hearing from indie studios that it's an amazing engine that saves them immense amounts of time, and is well worth the price of Macs to
run it on because it saves so many hours of development.

I don't have information on all the various engines out there, but I certainly don't hear of many that fit your criteria, even the highend engines generally don't have such an easy art pipeline as you

michael j dahinten wrote:
> hi my name is michael!
> and I have been looking for a game dev. engine that is convenient,, and works with 3d studio max!,,,,,for a long time....(sheesh)
> We use max in school, and the only game dev app they have is a pitiful 2d game making thing called game maker. I have messed with various software things and some coding from the ground up type operations, but really we are all looking for something that would work with both max and maya possibly, and that would be a 3d engine to create games with.... Why must that be so difficult to find? I suppose its because the game development companies want to make the games,,, and not let them be made by people and amateurs and students. well this gtk radiant thing looks interesting, and we found a few others that are workable for our school now, so we will be ok to train and use what the few we have. Theres another one , and a few more that some of us are working with called irrlicht, and then one which i don't like called FPS creater, and there is another one called dark fusion or something which is not bad. I want something that can take 3d studio max scenes into the program easil
>   and effortlessly, and keep all textures where they need to be !!! I dont want to have to reassign textures.! thats crazy. also i want realistic motion, pre-built characters, and a complete way to make 3d generated fps style games. Am I asking for too much? maybe. but that's what we need at the college. Also it should work with maya, and should have capabilities for sound and all kinds of great sounds and cut scenes and all the stuff people want. I should think there would be great competition in this area?? for many companies to produce such game development products or systems, and there to be great competition with who can make a better 3d game dev program? maybe I am thinking ahead of our time!...... maybe I need to check back in 20 years..... 2028? why should It take so long? it won't, I hope. I love the 3d games "return to castle wolfenstien by ID software, and Jedi knight dark forces 2 by lucasarts, and also indiana jones and the infernal machine by lucas. thank you
>   shout outs to the 3d developers out there.! thanks, best wishes, take
>  care, michael

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