[Gtkradiant] Quake 1

Forest Hale lordhavoc at ghdigital.com
Sat Oct 25 06:26:23 CDT 2008

Mihai Drăghicioiu wrote:
> Where can I find this quake1.wad? I searched here:
> https://zerowing.idsoftware.com/svn/radiant.gamepacks/Q1Pack/trunk/
> but it is not there... Perhaps I can generate the wad from the bsp
> files... but that would be pointless if the file already exists
> somewhere.

Looks like it was removed at some point and the pack became GPL (why that was done I'm not quite sure, since the wad is needed for any meaningful use of it, and the wad is definitely not GPL).

You can find a copy here: http://www.bspquakeeditor.com/

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