[Gtkradiant] GTKRadiant Bug Report noreply at qeradiant.com
Wed Oct 25 17:21:31 CDT 2006

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CPU/RAM/Operating System: Intel Centrino Duo, Windows Xp (Vista Capable.)
Hard Drive Space: 40GB plus 1.2TB in external
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: ATI
Version of GTKRadiant: GtkRadiant-1.5.0-2006-03-02

When you press N, the entity box comes up, but no commands are present.  There are also no descriptions of what the check boxes do.  I've done this on another computer, and it worked fine, so I transferred the installer, but it didn't work.  Is there any way to fix this if it's got something to do with the computer used?  In the msdos compiler window, about 5 lines come up, but no more, and it doesn't compile with light, ever.  If you try one of the higher compiles, it just doesnt.  I've left it on, compiling, for about a day, and the map is a box with a light in it.  It just doesn't compile.  Also, when you specify a model, it doesn't appear in the editor.

Cause of Error:
None, I installed it, and it just didn't have the commands.  Same with the compiling.  Oh, and by the way, the computer I'm using is one of the newest models, with basically all the best equipment.

User Email: islakamamee at yahoo.com

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