[Gtkradiant] 1.5 release plans etc

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Sat Oct 7 15:57:00 CDT 2006

Thanks for your feedback!

> - entity inspector -- doesn't display help text which is provided in entities.ent. 
> That text is often very helpful. Maybe it should be in tool-tip format? Or maybe just mimic QER? 
The helptext is still there. Move your cursor to the top of the entity inspector, it should change its
shape into a "up-down-arrow". Pull down and you'll see the helptext. Over the helpbox, there is also
the entitytype-box.

> - and of course "select complete tall" type functionality as you already mentioned in your emails :) 
> I'm not sure if you'd want to do this in a classic way where you use a selected brush as the volume,
> or if you use the new style box-selection with a user preference to specify "complete tall" vs. "partial tall"  
The new box-selection was planned as a replacement for these features. Its very unlikely that there
will be a specialfunction to switch between complete and partial mode.
However, the other two selectionfunctions (inside and touching) have been added to the trunk today.
They now work with multiple selectionbrushes at once :)


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