[Gtkradiant] 1.5 release plans etc

johnfitz at u.washington.edu johnfitz at u.washington.edu
Sat Oct 7 00:36:34 CDT 2006

Okay, I dug up a few more:

- Ungroup Entity doesn't seem to work at all in the latest version.  Not sure how long this has been broken.

- entity inspector -- doesn't display help text which is provided in entities.ent.  That text is often very helpful. Maybe it should be in tool-tip format? Or maybe just mimic QER?

- brush entities don't get their names displayed in ortho view, even with entity names turned on.

I of course would be happy to submit real bug reports for these if you like, but I bring these specific ones up becuase they seem basic functionality that people would not put up with in an official release, in part becuase they used to be functional in previous versions.

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006 johnfitz at u.washington.edu wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm not a developer, so I can't do anything other than make a request, which is 
> to fix up some of the small features that have been broken in recent 
> years/months.  I have a fuller list a home, but from memory, some of these 
> problems are:
> - PGUP/PGDN are basically unusable becuase they use every brush in the level 
> instead of just brushes on the same vertical as the camera.
> - selecting entities in ortho view -- in previous versions, the entities got 
> preference so that you could select them through the ceiling of a room.  Now 
> all I can do in ortho view is select the ceiling brushes.  Not very useful.
> - ctrl+left-drag in ortho view to "shear" a selection (this isn't really 
> shearing so much as a special kind of face dragging)
> - and of course "select complete tall" type functionality as you already 
> mentioned in your emails :)  I'm not sure if you'd want to do this in a classic 
> way where you use a selected brush as the volume, or if you use the new style 
> box-selection with a user preference to specify "complete tall" vs. "partial 
> tall"
> John

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