AW: [Gtkradiant] 1.5 release plans etc

Shaderman shaderman at
Wed Oct 4 07:40:35 CDT 2006


> I think we should agree on some fixed set of features and 
> tasks that should be done before we can release 1.5 as stable 

Good idea IMO :)
> but also to show the community that this proiect is alive. 

I think that's a very important point! I get quite good feedback from the
community and I'm trying to convince and promote where possible. But people
seem to be reserved because 1.5 officially is in beta state and it's still
told to be "not stable/not usable".

> The last news on qeradiant is 6 months old, nuff' said.

I don't know if it's possible to keep that site updated by one of the
developers. Maybe TTimo can tell us more about it. What do you think about a
download link pointing to the latest nightly build?

> Here's what i thought about:
> Things that should be done before the release:
> - Add "select inside, touching"
> Many people want this. The dragselect is great but its major flaw is 
> that the selection
> rectangle has unlimited depth.

I agree. That seems to be the most missed feature after bobtoolz are in.

> - Search bugzilla for important bugs and fix them
> Things I'm not sure about:
> - the light editor
> I'm abit uncertain what to do here. The code in texwindow.cpp 
> is a wild 
> mix of C and C++
> which supports only one instance of a texbrowser.
> The patch i made some time ago "tricked" the code to support multiple 
> texwindows.
> I can easly port this hack to the new etb code, fix the remaining 
> bugs/glitches in the lighteditor
> and hope I didn't brake anything.
> However I don't like this solution. I would prefer to reorganize the 
> texwindow code into
> clean C++ that can handle as much instances as needed, then port the 
> lighteditor.
> This would give me the opportunity to fix other things like the 
> shadernames beeing drawn
> over each other "en passent".
> The downside is that it will be done when its done ;)

I think it would be a good idea to reorganize/rewrite the code, get your
lighteditor in and get the overlapping text thing fixed :) Not needed for an
official build though.

> After this tasks we should make it final. It may not contain every 
> feature you wish for,
> but at some point we just have to draw the line.

I think Radiant 1.5 is very good, stable and usable so far, but there's one
thing that isn't listed on the TODO list but needs some investigation
though. I have to get more information about it, but there seems to be
unwanted vertex/grid movement in vertex editing mode.


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