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I think we should agree on some fixed set of features and tasks
that should be done before we can release 1.5 as stable
version, replacing the more then 3 years old 1.4 release.
This should not only happen from the development standpoint,
but also to show the community that this proiect is alive.
The last news on qeradiant is 6 months old, nuff' said.

Here's what i thought about:

Things that should be done before the release:

- Add "select inside, touching"
Many people want this. The dragselect is great but its major flaw is that the selection
rectangle has unlimited depth.
- Search bugzilla for important bugs and fix them

Things I'm not sure about:

- the light editor
I'm abit uncertain what to do here. The code in texwindow.cpp is a wild mix of C and C++
which supports only one instance of a texbrowser.
The patch i made some time ago "tricked" the code to support multiple texwindows.
I can easly port this hack to the new etb code, fix the remaining bugs/glitches in the lighteditor
and hope I didn't brake anything.
However I don't like this solution. I would prefer to reorganize the texwindow code into
clean C++ that can handle as much instances as needed, then port the lighteditor.
This would give me the opportunity to fix other things like the shadernames beeing drawn
over each other "en passent".
The downside is that it will be done when its done ;)

After this tasks we should make it final. It may not contain every feature you wish for,
but at some point we just have to draw the line.

The next bigger feature that is planned after 1.5 release is the soundsupport:
- Soundcore, radiantspecific frontend for OpenAL (namespace)
- Soundbrowser, previewbrowser for soundfiles (Shaderman)
- Soundpreview, enables 3d sound playback of soundsources when moving through the level (namespace/Shaderman)

What do you think?

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