[Gtkradiant] Where to start plugin development?

Enrico Zschemisch enrico.zschemisch at gmx.de
Sat Feb 25 17:03:23 CST 2006


> The best place to start is by using the existing modules in the
> plugins/ directory as examples. There is a sample plugin to start
> with, and the other modules and plugins provide examples of what is
> possible with the current APIs.
Ok, I had a look at the sample and some other plugins. 
The plugins are all DLL/so files and there must be a function to register a
plugin. The plugin functionality is implemented with a class and it must be
a singleton?
I think I can use some of the plugins as a starting point. How can I
interface with the editor's GUI (and the "plugins" menu item)?
Is there *any* documentation about the editor internals? Maybe some doxygen
If you have some time you could tell me how to add new geometry to the
editor :-)
I have not found a render()-method in the plugins :-/
How can I load textures/shaders?

> The plugin APIs in 1.5 are not complete - they currently only allow
> the limited amount of control required by the existing modules.
I think, this will be enough :-)

Another short question: Can I build and use GTKRadiant on a AMD64 Linux

Thanks for your help :-)

Greetings, Enrico

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