[Gtkradiant] Where to start plugin development?

SmallPileofGibs spog at planetquake.com
Fri Feb 24 12:41:34 CST 2006

Hi Enrico,

The best place to start is by using the existing modules in the
plugins/ directory as examples. There is a sample plugin to start
with, and the other modules and plugins provide examples of what is
possible with the current APIs.

The plugin APIs in 1.5 are not complete - they currently only allow
the limited amount of control required by the existing modules. You
may be unable to add certain functionality without extending the
plugin APIs or adding new ones.

If you need any help, ask on this list and I will be happy to provide it.
I'm also available most evenings (GMT) on IRC:


Friday, February 24, 2006, 5:15:11 PM, you wrote:

> Hi,

> I want to add some new functionality to GTKRadiant and I thought it 
> would be best to start it as a plugin. But I couldn't find any documents
> about where to start.
> Could you please give me a hint?

> Thanks, Enrico

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