[Gtkradiant] Adding geometry from a plugin (again)

Shamus jlhamm at acm.org
Thu Apr 20 00:54:13 CDT 2006

Enrico Zschemisch wrote:
> I know, I have already asked this :-/
> I have finally some time now and I want to port some of my standalone 
> programs to a GtkRadiant plugin. These programs include tools to 
> generate complete landscapes.
> When I asked the last time, one of the developers said that the needed 
> functionality for adding (editable) geometry will be added after 1.5 has 
> been released. Is there a time schedule for this release or this 
> specific feature?

I believe at least some of the necessary infrastructure is being added 
by SPoG who is currently porting bobtoolz to 1.5. :-)

I've been thinking about this myself and it seems to me that it would be 
fairly easy to add a tri-mesh type to GtkRadiant. Since vertex editing 
is possible now, it should be possible with the new type. The downside 
is that yndar would have to add support for parsing the new type into 
q3map2. :-/

I know that one approach to a tri-mesh type is simply being able to edit 
and write .md3s, but this seems like it would be more work to get up and 
running. The upside is that ydnar would not have to change q3map2 at 
all. :-/


-- Shamus

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