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Wed Sep 29 05:50:21 CDT 2004

This bug report was submitted from using the Bug Report Submission Form on the QERadiant Website at 05:50:21 CDT Sep 29, 2004.



CPU/RAM/Operating System: 1.8ghz/512mb/xp pro sp2
Hard Drive Space: many gb
Video Card/OpenGL Drivers: Geforce4 Ti 4200, v61.77
Version of GTKRadiant: GtkRadiant 1.5.0 beta - build 09-26


- Here are the bugs I found in GTK
1: The name of the window, XY Top (or whatever), (in floating layout) doesn't change too the correct name when Ctrl+Tab. That’s very annoying.

2: If I minimize GTK, and it is auto saving, it shouldn't pop up again.

3: When creating a brush based entity, it should create the actual brush to! And not only an invisible entity! This can screw up a map big-time.

4: The trigger lines disappear if the targeting entity is out of view. I know this is known, but it seems I must remind you.

- Suggestions

1: Show the sky/enviroment.

//HALF-LIFE and mods

- Here are the bugs I found in GTK

1: Shader files do not work. GTK log shows that it finds shaderlist.txt and the .shader file.

2: The GTK map format is not fully Hammer compatible. For example a very complex map can show HUGE thin brushes in Hammer.

3: The HL example map (de_mexico-sample.map) does not even open in GTK, brush 0: parse error, entity 0: parse error. 
   It works fine in Hammer though.

4: When making maps for CS, I must create a folder 'cstrike' in hl.game and put my cs.fgd. And rename it too halflife.fgd. 
   Else I’m not able too add entities too a 'new' map. It's works different if I open a map (read #5).

5: When GTK does not find an .fgd file too use, and I open a map, all brush based entities show up green (Like it should). 
   But I can not add new different entities that were not loaded from the opened map.
   But when GTk find an .fgd file all brush based entities are black like regular brushes, when I select one, I can not see any keys in entity inspector.
   Point based entities works fine.

- Suggestions

1: When GTK can not find a .spr file for an entity it should show the right size and color instead of a 'shadernotfound' box (CAMERA VIEW ONLY). 
   They are correct in the Orthographic views.

3: Add .mdl support.

4: Add .spr support.

5: Add hammer texture matrix support. Face, World and the "select-a-face-then-Alt+rightclick-in-a-curve" trick.

6: It should say in manual were GTK actually search for certain files (like .fgds and shader files) based on witch mod your using.


- Here are the bugs I found in GTK
1: Some textures are still missing or not found. But they show up just fine in Doomedit.
2: Skins still seems unsupported.

Cause of Error:
All info is above

User Email: rotf_morfar at hotmail.com

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