[Gtkradiant] Call for help on the new radiant site

David Koenig gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 20:24:45 -0600

I'm asking for some support on adding some content into the new site. The material missing is on the individual games that use radiant. I'm not a great creative writer.. ie: not good at making up "bullshit"(tm).  I need content for each of the following games:

 * Quake - Editing Info For Quake 1
 * Quake 2 - Editing Info For Quake 2
 * Quake 3 - Editing Info For Quake 3
 * Kingpin - Editing Info For Kingpin
 * Heavy Metal: FAKK2 - Editing Info For FAKK2
 * Soldier of Fortune - Editing Info For SOF
 * Elite Force - Editing Info For EF

This is what I need:

Game Title

Year released

Summary of the game

Info/notes on editing this game

Good editing sites covering the game

Each page is not meant to be an in depth tutorial on the game.. as of yet, we'll want to add more info once some of the plugins are finished..(ie quake1, etc...)

If you have any comments/quaestions please let me know. This would be a huge help. If a small group of people were to work together on this, it would surely lessen the load.