[Gtkradiant] ECLASS.CPP: LoadModel() can now load RtCW .mdc files

TiCaL gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 09:32:43 +0800

Ah dang..lol
Bounding box info is stored in the .mdc animtion frame structure. I don't
know if that is what you need. I'll look at the md3 module now. Thanks for
replying :)

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> Hi tical,
> Unfortunately.. you've fallen foul of the messy radiant source (and it's
> fault in this case for not cleaning it up). That particular function is
> deprecated.. it has been replaced by the md3 module since v1.2. With
> radiant, it pays to test things =).
> Check the GtkRadiant list archives and you'll see a recent update of the
> module that loads mdc/md2/mdl as well as md3. I did the conversion of the
> md3 loader in the same way as you.. it does work, but for mdc the
> MDC_XYZ_SCALE factor appears to be variable depending on the bounding box
> the model (I haven't fixed this yet). The md3 module patches i posted need
> updating, so don't use them just now... =).
> Aside from that, we definitely appreciate the help.. if you want to
> contribute more, and avoid wasting your time, we can answer questions on
> (irc.telefragged.com #qeradiant) or on this list.
> -SPoG
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> Subject: [Gtkradiant] ECLASS.CPP: LoadModel() can now load RtCW .mdc files
> Hello,
> I've just modified the LoadModel function to load .mdc as well as the .md3
> model file format. It compiles fine but haven't had a chance to test it
> Find the new ECLASS.cpp with the new version of LoadModel function and
> qfiles.h (MDC File specs) attached. I'm new to GtkRadiant programming so
> I'm doing something wrong let me know :)
> Regards,
> TiCaL
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