[Gtkradiant] ECLASS.CPP: LoadModel() can now load RtCW .mdc f iles

Joseph, William gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 11:08:04 -0000

Hi tical,
Unfortunately.. you've fallen foul of the messy radiant source (and it's my
fault in this case for not cleaning it up). That particular function is
deprecated.. it has been replaced by the md3 module since v1.2. With
radiant, it pays to test things =).
Check the GtkRadiant list archives and you'll see a recent update of the md3
module that loads mdc/md2/mdl as well as md3. I did the conversion of the
md3 loader in the same way as you.. it does work, but for mdc the
MDC_XYZ_SCALE factor appears to be variable depending on the bounding box of
the model (I haven't fixed this yet). The md3 module patches i posted need
updating, so don't use them just now... =).
Aside from that, we definitely appreciate the help.. if you want to
contribute more, and avoid wasting your time, we can answer questions on irc
(irc.telefragged.com #qeradiant) or on this list.


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Subject: [Gtkradiant] ECLASS.CPP: LoadModel() can now load RtCW .mdc files

I've just modified the LoadModel function to load .mdc as well as the .md3
model file format. It compiles fine but haven't had a chance to test it yet.
Find the new ECLASS.cpp with the new version of LoadModel function and
qfiles.h (MDC File specs) attached. I'm new to GtkRadiant programming so if
I'm doing something wrong let me know :)