[Gtkradiant] misc_model & misc_gamemodel for wolf, lightJuniors & dlights

jeremiah sypult gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 08:59:01 -0600

greetings yet again,

while mapediting wolf, misc_model's (model compiled in to the bsp) and their
respecitve modelscale keys are working greatly.

misc_gamemodels (model loaded in to the map upon game load and play) only
show up as normal cube entities in the editor. I don't know if it is a .def
issue or an editor code issue, but I imagine that misc_gamemodels should be
rendered in the editor exactly as their misc_model counterparts. it's near
impossible to know where to place the entities for misc_gamemodels since you
can't see what they look like unless you make them misc_models first, and
then rename them to misc_gamemodels.

another thing is that lightJuniors -- lights that only affect the
lightgrid -- are also rendered as normal cube entities -- it would be nice
if they were rendered like they are in the WolfRadiant editor. You can see
an image from WolfRad here,
http://work.mindgrid.net/gtkradiant/lightjunior.gif. It would make it much
easier to see and edit the lightJuniors, since lights with _color show up
with that color applied to the diamond. I would also suggest the same thing
for dlight entities as well, but making them represent more of the normal
'light' diamond, since they effect the lightmap, so as to not confuse
people. or maybe another shape entirely is in order for dlights?

just trying to make suggestions to help gtkradiant be better for editing
these increasingly more complex maps :)

take good care,