[Gtkradiant] fs_basepath, qdir, etc.

ydnar gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Thu, 24 Jan 2002 15:11:36 -0800

All the paths related stuff in q3map is blah. It needs to be rewritten. I
volunteer to do it this weekend, probably in this form:

q3map -root C:/quake3 -path my_ta_mod -path missionpack -path baseq3

Where an arbitrary number of root paths can be supplied to q3map in explicit
search order. Naturally, the linux version would add ~/.q3a or ~./wolf (or
whatever that path is) as additional root paths. It would also allow
searching outside of a root path if any -path arguments were fully qualified
(having a drive letter and/or / prefix).

The mess of strcat()s and #ifdefs in main() need to go.

-path baseq3 would be implicit as a last search path, and -path Main would
be implicit with -game wolf.

SetQDirFromPath() can be replaced by a more sensible alternative that simply
lops a couple nodes off the end of a map path -or- simply descends down one
directory (assuming Quake3/Radiant/q3map.exe).

Another alternative would be to store q3map.ini or an xml settings file in
the q3map dir that specifies the proper paths for Quake3/Wolf/whatever. The
installer could write this file out.

Comments/suggestions welcome.