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Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:46:52 -0800

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Add your texture dir to shaderlist.txt and use the shaderlist.txt only
filter. All the extra directories you're seeing are probably from various
map pk3s in your baseq3 directory.

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> Hi there,
> I'm a new user (new mapper if the truth be told ;) and I have a slight
> problem I wonder if someone could help me with.
> When I select the menu bar option "Textures" the full list of textures
> are in my baseq3 directory do not show, it is truncated alphabetically. I
> (sometimes) get an error message which say "max texture directories count
> reached".
> I understand what this is telling me but would like to ask if there is a
> work-around taking the following into account:
> 1 - some of the textures I want to use are not shaders (??) [they are just
> .jpg images & have no .shader file]
> 2 - some of the textures I want to use are shaders (hope I've got the
> terminology right) (I have listed these in the shaderlist.txt file).
> - if I select "shaderlist.txt only" then (2) are listed (these particular
> files start with the initial "k"), but not the files in (1)
> - if I de-select "shaderlist.txt only" then (1) are listed (initial letter
> "e") but not the "k's" because the list is "full" by the time it reaches
> the "k's" (other shader files are listed before these... "gothic_nnn" for
> instance so its not ignoring "shaders")
> My questions are
> (1) How can I get gtkradiant to list both ?
> (2) How can I get it to ignore shaders/textures that are in my baseq3
> directory but I have no idea hwat they are/where they have come from... or
> (2b) How can i "move" these unwanted shaders/textures to make "room" for
> the menu in gtkradiant ?
> (3) reading the gtkradiant docs it suggests I create my own directory
> /textures/[mymapname], how do I avoid this problem with that?  (I'm not
> using that directory format just yet because, as I mentioned, I am new to
> mapping and am browsing everything at the moment to see what I want to
> (4) is there a different program to visually browse shaders/textures so
> that I can pick/choose which ones I want to put in my
> directory and thereby avoid upsetting gtkradiant?
> I'm using GTKRadiant 1.1.1 and 1.1.2nightly
> Any help would be gratefully received.
> Cheers!!
> Steve...
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