[Gtkradiant] Usage Question (new user)

Steve Orrell gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sat, 12 Jan 2002 01:11:04 +0000

Hi there,

I'm a new user (new mapper if the truth be told ;) and I have a slight 
problem I wonder if someone could help me with.

When I select the menu bar option "Textures" the full list of textures that 
are in my baseq3 directory do not show, it is truncated alphabetically. I 
(sometimes) get an error message which say "max texture directories count 

I understand what this is telling me but would like to ask if there is a 
work-around taking the following into account:

1 - some of the textures I want to use are not shaders (??) [they are just 
.jpg images & have no .shader file]
2 - some of the textures I want to use are shaders (hope I've got the 
terminology right) (I have listed these in the shaderlist.txt file).

- if I select "shaderlist.txt only" then (2) are listed (these particular 
files start with the initial "k"), but not the files in (1)

- if I de-select "shaderlist.txt only" then (1) are listed (initial letter 
"e") but not the "k's" because the list is "full" by the time it reaches 
the "k's" (other shader files are listed before these... "gothic_nnn" for 
instance so its not ignoring "shaders")

My questions are

(1) How can I get gtkradiant to list both ?

(2) How can I get it to ignore shaders/textures that are in my baseq3 
directory but I have no idea hwat they are/where they have come from... or
(2b) How can i "move" these unwanted shaders/textures to make "room" for 
the menu in gtkradiant ?

(3) reading the gtkradiant docs it suggests I create my own directory 
/textures/[mymapname], how do I avoid this problem with that?  (I'm not 
using that directory format just yet because, as I mentioned, I am new to 
mapping and am browsing everything at the moment to see what I want to use)

(4) is there a different program to visually browse shaders/textures so 
that I can pick/choose which ones I want to put in my /textures/[mymapname] 
directory and thereby avoid upsetting gtkradiant?

I'm using GTKRadiant 1.1.1 and 1.1.2nightly

Any help would be gratefully received.