[Gtkradiant] first impressions on gtkradiant for wolfenstein on linux

Timothee Besset gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 23:56:52 +0100

The CVS source is the version is under developement for next release
(which will include RTCW support). The main focus is on win32 right now,
linux gets updated when someone has time to patch up a few things and send
fixes. The setup/installer building process is not working yet, and there
are several design decisions (about the layout of the files and the way we
do a few things) that are still bound to change.

If you want to get more involved and help us fix the setup process, you're


On 06 Jan 2002 23:44:14 +0100
Michael Schlueter <michael@johalla.de> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I'm new to this list and gtkradiant. Since a week I'm playing rtcw and
> while looking for an editor to create new levels I arrived here.
> After testing the cvs version this weekend I've a few questions/remarks
> (most of them are linux or wolfenstein specific):
> radiant.log, radiant.pid and user?.qe4 are located in ~/.q3a/radiant/..
> but the rest of the radiant specific files are in ~/.radiant/. Shouldn't
> they all go into the latter one?
> Where is setup/linux/bspc coming from? It's only 50 Bytes and didn't
> work for me.
> When starting gtkradiant for wolf (after creating games/wolf.game) the
> textures radiant/notex and radiant/shadonotex are missing. I think we
> need setup/data/main/ with a pk3 that contains those files. And then the
> setup program has to know about that. setup/linux/setup.data/setup.xml:
>   <<<GTKRAD_MEDIA_BEGIN>>component name="WMedia" install="yes"
> version="<<GTKRAD_VERSION>>" prompt_path="yes"
> prompt_default="/usr/local/games/wolfenstein/" prompt_msg="Enter the
> path to your wolfenstein installation">  
>    <option install="true">
>      Wolfenstein editing media
>      <help>
>        Extra media files for creating Wolfenstein maps
>      </help>
>      <files>
>        main
>      </files>
>    </option>
>   </component<<GTKRAD_MEDIA_END>>>
> Apropos setup. I can't find any line in setup/linux/makesdk.[sh|pl]
> where the plugins (image.so, map.so, model.so, shaders.so and vfspk3.so)
> are copied into the setup.data-tree. A "cp $RAD_BIN_DIR/plugins/*/*.so
> $SETUP_DIR/plugins" should fix this.
> After comiling a map and loading it into wolfenstein I got a message
> that it needs a map with version 47. Does somebody knows what they have
> changed from version 46 to 47?
> Contrib didn't compile for me:
> [23:35:39]donald:/usr/src/gtkradiant/GtkRadiant> cons -- debug contrib
> cons: error in file "plugins/vfspk3/Conscript":
> 	Debug/plugins/vfspk3/vfspk3.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> cons: error in file "plugins/shaders/Conscript":
> 	Debug/plugins/shaders/plugin.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
> cons: error in file "plugins/image/Conscript":
> 	Debug/plugins/image/jpeg.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> cons: error in file "plugins/map/Conscript":
> 	Debug/plugins/map/plugin.o
> 	built (at least) two different ways:
> 		plugins/map/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> 		plugins/map/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
> cons: script errors encountered: construction aborted
> That's it from me for today. Now it's time to play :)
> Bye, Michael