[Gtkradiant] first impressions on gtkradiant for wolfenstein on linux

Michael Schlueter gtkradiant@zerowing.idsoftware.com
06 Jan 2002 23:44:14 +0100

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Hi everybody,

I'm new to this list and gtkradiant. Since a week I'm playing rtcw and
while looking for an editor to create new levels I arrived here.
After testing the cvs version this weekend I've a few questions/remarks
(most of them are linux or wolfenstein specific):

radiant.log, radiant.pid and user?.qe4 are located in ~/.q3a/radiant/..
but the rest of the radiant specific files are in ~/.radiant/. Shouldn't
they all go into the latter one?

Where is setup/linux/bspc coming from? It's only 50 Bytes and didn't
work for me.

When starting gtkradiant for wolf (after creating games/wolf.game) the
textures radiant/notex and radiant/shadonotex are missing. I think we
need setup/data/main/ with a pk3 that contains those files. And then the
setup program has to know about that. setup/linux/setup.data/setup.xml:

  <<<GTKRAD_MEDIA_BEGIN>>component name=3D"WMedia" install=3D"yes"
version=3D"<<GTKRAD_VERSION>>" prompt_path=3D"yes"
prompt_default=3D"/usr/local/games/wolfenstein/" prompt_msg=3D"Enter the
path to your wolfenstein installation"> =20
   <option install=3D"true">
     Wolfenstein editing media
       Extra media files for creating Wolfenstein maps

Apropos setup. I can't find any line in setup/linux/makesdk.[sh|pl]
where the plugins (image.so, map.so, model.so, shaders.so and vfspk3.so)
are copied into the setup.data-tree. A "cp $RAD_BIN_DIR/plugins/*/*.so
$SETUP_DIR/plugins" should fix this.

After comiling a map and loading it into wolfenstein I got a message
that it needs a map with version 47. Does somebody knows what they have
changed from version 46 to 47?

Contrib didn't compile for me:

[23:35:39]donald:/usr/src/gtkradiant/GtkRadiant> cons -- debug contrib
cons: error in file "plugins/vfspk3/Conscript":
	built (at least) two different ways:
		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
		plugins/vfspk3/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
cons: error in file "plugins/shaders/Conscript":
	built (at least) two different ways:
		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
		plugins/shaders/Conscript, line 12:  cons::Program
cons: error in file "plugins/image/Conscript":
	built (at least) two different ways:
		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
		plugins/image/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
cons: error in file "plugins/map/Conscript":
	built (at least) two different ways:
		plugins/map/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
		plugins/map/Conscript, line 13:  cons::Program
cons: script errors encountered: construction aborted

That's it from me for today. Now it's time to play :)

Bye, Michael

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