[Gtkradiant] [Bug 234] Auxiliary grid for texture alignment

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interesting =)

i remember discussing something identical with ttimo a year or so ago...
He made a start on a uvw-unwrap style tool (textool, but i had some other ideas 
for it (almost exactly as you describe) which i suggested.. unfortunately he's 
been too busy to implement it since then.

There is a way you can achieve this manually, using the planar texture 
projection for patches (known cryptically as "CAP") and unwrapping the patch 
manually. For example, to texture a patch that curves through 90 degrees, you 
can manipulate the vertices of the patch until it lies parallel to one of the 
three axial planes, then choose CAP (or "cycle cap texture") to project the 
texture, then manually manipulate the vertices back to the original position. 
This is exactly how i did the texturing for dc_map15.

I'd like to have a proper uvw-unwrap style tool for radiant at some point 
though. It needn't be particularly complicated - as you suggest, it could just 
be a version of the currently-selected mesh(es) displayed in the 2d view, which 
shows the position of the verts in texture-space rather than world-space.

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