[cod] forget about IW2 and get back to work :)

dawa bahaza at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 10:47:04 EDT 2009

You can give the reason that you prefer to use 1.0 servers, it doesn't
matter to the purposes of this list. The point is that if you want support,
you must be using the latest version of the game...as simple as that. I'd
really like to know how did you pretend to fix the bug without installing a
patch?...funny thing.

It's also more than a game for me, and that's why I use the latest version,
as any serious gamer would do.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:18 PM, pet <games at maxrate.pl> wrote:

> Sorry, wrong thinking. lam not going to remove  cod2 1.0 server from my
> offer, it would be a suicide  like for other game hosting companies in my
> country. Nearly 80% call of duty customers rents cod2 1.0 version. Above
> mentioned problems doesn't appear each day, but one time per month. Our cod2
> 1.0 community is very large. They do not play 1.0 because of pirated
> clients, they do this because the 1.3 patch brings many unexpected
> add-ons/patches which makes the game-play very poor. The same issue was by
> counter strike 1.4, the aiming was beautiful and game was nearly perfect,
> there was no need to make some improvements, but unfortunately the new 1.6
> patch made this game unplayable. If somebody is cheating on cod2 1.0 he can
> also cheat in further versions as well, cheaters are everywhere, it's up to
> You how to handle with them. Naturally cod2 1.3 is very good for clan
> battles etc., You have more tools to fight with the cheaters and pirated
> clients and this is a good site of this version and  punk buster
> implementation  as well. There are always good and bad sites. But as I
> mentioned before, I will not resign from cod2 1.0 or counter strike 1.4 as
> long as theirs communities still growing  up and there will bo more fans
> than any other FPS game on our market. Do not forget, we have a here some
> phenomenon,  how old this game is - we know it,  how much servers  are still
> on-line - we know it. There will be a lots of games which dies with natural
>  death, but cod2 1.0 will be still alive :). For me it means more than
> game...
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