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Over reliance?  This isn't about reliance.  We vote with our dollars.
Corporate strategy is measured in profitability.

These petitions won't do anything other than give a head count number
showing the impact of this corp strategy.

This is a huge petition w/ over 50K signatures already collected (approx
$3.5M of value zapped out of the entire supply chain):


It seems to be collecting 2k sigs per hour.

We need a list to track all the lists.  LOL

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 1:24 AM, escapedturkey <
escapedturkey at escapedturkey.com> wrote:

> *Stands up to podium*
> *Clears throat*
> *Drinks a sip of water*
> As far as petitions and ranting goes, I think as a community we need to
> show a bit of self-respect. All this pleading and begging just shows an over
> reliance on a corporation's decision making on the state of our gaming
> experience. We need to re-focus this energy into alternatives that will make
> us less dependent on the "suits" determining the direction of our favorite
> hobby.
> Does anyone else agree or am I alone in my opinion?
> *Stands down from podium*
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