[cod] Sorry have to vent, Modern Warfare 2 on the PC

Support ZIOMM - Jerome jerome at ziomm.net
Fri Oct 16 05:45:37 EDT 2009

Hi @ll,

I'm really curious to know what is the problems on game's studios for
so badly treated the "linux port" and "pc market" and in extenso game hosters.
Because what's the point to release a multiplayer game if this has no servers,
or so few, for play online ? Or release a bugged game unplayable ?
(of course i'm not talking only for Activision / IW )

Can we imagine that on other markets ? :)
"Year we release iphone but without phone tasks".
"It's our new boat, water came in, but we will release a patch"
and others new nasa spaceships without propellants... :)

- Is it some incompetence on decision level ? Or some laziness ?

- Is it some dum ass for who gamers like slow kids waiting for new playdo's toys ?
In this case, Hellooooo wake up ! we are on 2009 not 20 years ago.
Or please stop recruitment of marketers and "i don't care what i sell" guys.

- Is it some low skills for linux on game developpers ?
If it was, they can deal with Ryan or some other linux port developpers.

- Is it some contract with a X(box) console who forbidden or slow linux port ?
It's hard to believe because, i doubt that µSoft sell more server licence in this case.
And we have see that linux is not on (same) market, so they don't have to be afraid of linux.
Linux can't (at this time) be a final user OS, i mean for "non-geek".
It will be a short view for short terme. If it's not logical, i'm not saying that's excluded.

If game studios or distributors hosts and manage servers or use some commercial network, why not.
Like EA with Battlefield hosters, or Epic with Gears of war on µSoft servers.

But for MW2 or Wolfenstein, no linux port is shooting in his own feet, and i really don't get it.
For my point of view, it's like release cars without doors and windshield.
It's not necessary, but it so much better for take a good ride.

But obviously, noneone on this mailing list could have some answers (or would).
And we will all be agree that finaly the most looser is the end customer.
60 $ or € for a bugged game with no servers it's a shame.
Have they learn anything from "MoH Airborn" ? Apparently not.

As we said in french "i woul like to be a little mouse", for know what's going on this studios.


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