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What is Free Empires?

Free Empires is a free software (GPL 3) historical real time strategy game based on Ensembles Studios and Microsoft's: Age of Empires (AoE) and Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (AoK). The project aims towards GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems compatibility. We are currently working on the engine we will be using in a separate project but are also still envisioning the design for the first in our proposed series: Chiefs and Warriors which takes place in Paleolithic Europe focusing on the Neanderthal people. This project is a Piga Software project and it is the organization that develops and provides support for the Free Empires project.

The engine being developed behind Free Empires is called Gambas Genie.

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Free Empires: Chiefs and Warriors for GNU/Linux,*BSD, Illumous and other Unix-like systems.

Bluecurve Download IconSource Release 1.0: CLICK HERE!
Released June 21, 2007. Tested on Fedora "Core" 4-7-onward, and Ubuntu 7.04. Under the GPL 2.

Bluecurve Download IconSource Release 2.0: CLICK HERE!
Released November 9, 2007. Tested on Fedora 7 onward. Under the GPL 3.

Bluecurve Download IconLamp Refugee Engine Technical Demo, Source Release 1.0: CLICK HERE!
Released October 26, 2009. Tested on Fedora 8. Under the GPL 3.

Bluecurve Download IconLamp Refugee Engine Technical Demo, Source Release 2.0: CLICK HERE!
Released May 8, 2011. Tested on Fedora 12. Under the GPL 3.

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Development Shots

Here are some screenshots of Free Empires: Chiefs and Warriors during different stages of development, including random engine experimentation.
The screenshots are pictures of GNU General Public License software and thus are under the same license.
Development Shot One Development Shot Two Development Shot Three Development Shot Four Development Shot Five Development Shot Six Development Shot Seven Development Shot Eight Development Shot Nine Development Shot Ten Development Shot Eleven Development Shot Twelve

Artwork Gallery

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Male Villager Villager Chief Archer Priest Scout Tradesman Spearman Slinger
Villager Icon Female Villager Icon House Icon Town Centre Icon Market Icon
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Bear Gazelle
Bear Icon Gazelle Icon

Do you have some graphics that you think might help us? Well present them on our forum (see links).

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