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Openbox authors and contributors:

Project Maintainer:
Ben Jansens (ben AT

Ben Jansens (ben AT
Scott Moynes (smoynes AT
Marius Nita (marius AT

Nick Jansens (jex AT
- web site design
Ruhi Bloodworth (ruhi AT
- smart window placement routines
Mike Bacso (miklos AT
- openbox styles
Kyle McMartin (kyle AT
- openbox style, Debian package maintainer


Openbox was based on the Blackbox code base. Here are the authors/contributors from the blackbox project:

Project Maintainer:
Sean 'Shaleh' Perry (shaleh AT

Brad Hughes (bhughes AT
Sean 'Shaleh' Perry (shaleh AT

Interim author for the 0.61.x series:
Jeff Raven (jraven AT

Ben 'xOr' Jansens (xor AT
- metric tons of code patches
John Kennis (jkennis AT
- bbpager, ideas, and support
Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper (vR AT
- bbkeys, ideas, support
Chris Mecca (flip AT
- use of his irix machine for testing
Dale P. Smith (dsmith AT
- bsetroot now sets xrootpmap_id atom
Matt Wilson (mwilson AT
- for noticing all of the little things

nls contributors:
Mads Martin Joergensen (mmj AT
- Danish (da_DK) nls support
Jan Schaumann (jschauma AT
- German (de_DE) nls support
Adriano Varoli Piazza (adrianovaroli AT
- Spanish nls support (submitted as es_AR, ES and MX)
Duret Bertrand (bertrand.duret AT
- updated French (fr_FR) nls and added French man pages
Bodnar Istvan (piggy AT
- Hungarian (hu_HU) support
Luca Marrazzo (marra.luca AT
- Italian (it_IT) nls support
SATO Satoru (ssato AT
- Japanese (ja_JP) nls support and man pages
Hyun Suk Noh (tzesti AT
- Korean (ko_KR) nls support
Wilbert Berendsen (wbsoft AT
- man pages and Dutch (nl_NL) nls support
Řyvind Stegard (oyvind.stegard AT
- Norwegian (no_NO) nls support
Wojciech Krygier (wkrygie AT
- Polish (pl_PL) nls support
Ciprian Popovici (ciprian AT
- Romanian (ro_RO) nls support
Ales Kosir (ales.kosir AT
- Slovenian man pages and (sl_SI) nls support
Volodymyr M. Lisivka (lvm AT
- Ukrainian (uk_UA) nls support
Wang Tiejun (wtj AT
- Chinese (zh_CN) nls support
Moto Chen (han_yi_chen AT
- Taiwan Chinese (zh_TW) support

Past Contributors:
Jeffrey Sean Connell (ankh AT
- debugger class code (ommited from sources)
Frank Belew (frb AT
- dgradient code
Scott Garner (mrfab AT
- suggestions, bug reports and beta testing (*the* beta moron)
David Doan (ddoan AT
- testing of 8bpp code
Mark Seward (illuzion AT
- beta testing, bug reports and 32bpp testing
Keith Bolland (prime AT
- beta testing, bug reports and suggestions
James Spooner (spoons AT
- beta testing, bug reports
Fred Knieper (derf AT
- beta testing, bug reports
Steve Udell (hettar AT
- beta testing, bug reports, questions (very good ones)
Gregory Barlow (barlowg AT
- bug reports and patches/suggestions (original middle click advocate)
Dyon Balding (dyon.balding AT
- patch for Smart(er)Placement window placement
Mike Cole (mike AT
- co-author/hacker of (local LUG buddy)
John Kennis (jkennis AT
- author of bbtools/beta testing/bug reports
Wilbert Berendsen (wbsoft AT
- author of blackbox/bsetroot manpages