Symel GIF Cartoon Eleven: The Unix Witch

If you are using a graphical browser then there is a problem on my site, if you are using a text based browser then this is normal. Here is a text version of the cartoon (speech in capitals): you see a dark Halloween night with a bright full moon. Text appears reading, THERE ONCE LIVED A WITCH, A UNIX WITCH. The view turns to inside of Symel's igloo, where she is standing near a cauldron and wearing a witch's hat. I SUMMON THEE, DEMON OF UNIX she intones. POOF! Out of the cauldron rises a red demon with sneakers and a trident. HI! I'M CHUCK! the FreeBSD mascot greets. TO BE CONTINUED...

Comments: The people of the FreeBSD project would like to state that it is actually a daemon, not a demon. A daemon is both mythical protector and a common Unix component, so the BSD guys made it their mascot. "Chuck" is a name that has been falsely attributed to it, but adds a rather odd counterbalance if it is called a "demon". The truest name of the FreeBSD mascot is "Beastie". The sequal to this is The Demon Fights.

Happy Halloween - 2006

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